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Children's Plate (3) Famous Fried Shrimp


Served with French Fries or Broccoli

Choose Sauce (2):Remolaude Sauce (has Garlic) Tartar Sauce (has Pickle Relish) Cocktail Sauce (Red) No Sauces needed Only Ketchup Only Lemons Please Extra Remolaude (has Garlic) +$0.75Extra Tartar (has Pickle Relish) +$0.75Extra Cocktail Sauce (Red) +$0.75Pint Remolaude +$9Pint Tartar +$9Pint Cocktail +$9
Sides (Select 1):Baked Potato +$3.50Au Gratin Potatoes Dirty Rice Onion Rings French Fries White Rice Steamed Broccoli Sautéed Spinach Tomato-Braised Green Beans Coleslaw