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Mr. Theodore Christie was a Greek man born in Constantinople (Istanbul), Turkey in 1885. As a graduate from that city’s distinguished Robert College, he arrived in America in 1905. He worked as a court interpreter in New York City and slowly became involved in hotel and restaurant management.

In 1917, he moved to Galveston, Texas from the advice of a friend. Gambling had become legal and the island was booming. He opened a small sandwich shop selling fried fish sandwiches on toasted po boy bread. It was an instant hit. Christie’s stayed in Galveston until 1934. Houston was the next big town according to his friends so he relocated and opened a much larger restaurant with three dining rooms and servers. It was where the present day Medical Center is. There were other restaurants with the name Christie’s in different parts of Texas, but were not affiliated with Mr. Theodore Christie.

Mr. Christie had restaurants on Bellaire Blvd., S. Post Oak, Main St. near the Astrodome, and one on Main St. near the edge of downtown. This property was opened in 1965 as a Christie’s. Currently this is the only location. James Christie came from Tripoli, Greece in 1955 and worked for Mr. Theodore for over 10 years. In 1967, he and his cousin Steve bought the restaurants from Mr. Christie. They also granted his wish to change their names so that the Christie name lives on as Mr. Theodore Christie had no children. James and his family moved Christie’s to the present Westheimer location in 1979. Using the same original recipes, we make all soups, salad dressings and sauces on the premises daily. We pride ourselves in purchasing the freshest quality seafood and steaks available. Mr. James Christie departed this life in November 2013 and his children continue the traditions he taught them. Christie’s is fast approaching 100 years in business and we are proud to be serving generations of Houstonians.

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We have a beautiful private room for your event. 25–85 of your guests can enjoy lunch or dinner in a private dining area.


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