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Christie's lightens up with new fare on menu

Christie's Seafood and Steaks' Kathy Christie Dasigenis reports that Houston's oldest restaurant is enjoying a bit of a renaissance. And she is matter-of-fact about the reason: the November passing of the family patriarch, James Christie.

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Traces of Home

No matter how newcomers arrive on these shores —– forced from home by war or famine, lured by jobs and the dreams of a better life, crowded onto rafts, buckled into first class or smuggled across rivers, designated as immigrants or refugees —– they leave a part of themselves behind.

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H Town Foodies Hit Up Christie’s Seafood & Steaks

I cannot believe I’ve driven past Christies Seafood and Steaks on Westheimer Road so many times over the years with absolutely no idea what magic was behind those closed doors!

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Christie's Seafood & Steaks summer specials.

Watch owner Maria Christie make their new avocado, mango and crab stack summer dish.

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Christie's highlighting a few classic dishes going into the 96th year!

Reporter Courtney Zavala interview owner Maria Christie. They discuss the secret of the restaurants success.

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Oldest family-owned restaurant in Houston part of Houston Restaurant Weeks

In 1934, patriarch Theodore Christie moved the restaurant to the Texas Medical Center where he sold up to 10,000 fish sandwiches a week!

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Go classic for Houston Restaurant Weeks

Sure, there are plenty of spanking-new restaurants to try out for Houston Restaurant Weeks. But the month is also a great time to catch up on Houston restaurant favorites.

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Spoon magazine

Salmon Royale at Christie's Seafood and Steaks

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