Christie’s Seafood & Steaks

began in 1917 as a small food and drink stand on Galveston’s waterfront. Now located on Westheimer Road in Houston, Christie’s is famous for its Whole Flounder and French Fried “Butterfly” Shrimp.   Read More...
Christies Restaurant Fish dish Christies Restaurant Shrimp Salad
Christies Restaurant Steak night every Thursday Christies Restaurant and bar Christies Restaurant Fresh Oysters

Thank you for all your wonderful comments

"I need a pint extra of that remoulade sauce because my wife and I fight over the small packages and I need peace when I eat these"
Jonathan Caldwell

"I had a craving for these shrimp on my way in from Austin and I haven't even gone home yet, I just came straight here"
Leonard Hillman

"Mommy, but I want to keep eating more because the food here is so good!"
8 yr old Alba Getmans